About Us

Established since 2012, Privé Capital Group is a boutique investment firm that offers individual investors unique investment opportunities across various business sectors; from commercial and residential real estate developments to energy and natural resources and infrastructure developments.


Headquartered in Singapore, our investment vehicles are located in Australia and South East Asia region. Partnering with the local expertise with proven track records, we seek synergistic values and align our interests between the investors and our partners to achieve a fund strategy that reflects current market trends. With a clear exit strategy in place for our sophisticated investors, our investment plans allow them to optimize their investments to its fullest potential.


Our clients’ investments are managed by a team of astute professionals who have accumulated years of experience in business structuring and portfolio management. With our strong investment acumen, extensive resources and a keen eye for growing sectors, you can be assured that your wealth is in good hands. And, our measure of success is the attainment of our clients’ goals.


“Privé” in French means “Private” and at Privé Capital, we are here to be your private wealth partner.

Our Mission

We operate with three simple principles:

We Develop, We Structure, We Deliver.


We develop investment projects that are of exceptional quality.

We structure complex and diverse financial instruments into sound, transparent and easy-to-understand investments plans.

We deliver profitability to our stakeholders.